In English my name is ASBJORN LONVIG.
In Danish my name is ASBJØRN LØNVIG.
I am an artist, designer, idea developer, writer etc. - see below.
"He who has his own very unique style creating artworks and designs - in simple shapes and bright colors.
Even in his writing you can sense his simple shapes and bright colors".
This motif is inspired by Heco International - click on the motif.
 Exhibitions I, II, III, IV and V - online.
About me, references, my studio, my gallery, my home, my artworks etc.
 Web Site
Portrait - Computer specialist - Artist, Designer, Idea Developer etc.  
Web Site References - companies, cities, municipalities, institutions etc. 
Web Site My House - My Studio, Gallery and Private Home - "Lille Fejringhus". 
My artworks, my graphic designs, my gable paintings etc. 
Web Site Tool Toy - A Hall Stand - A Clown with large feed. 
Web Site 3 Posters to Danish Ministry of Environment and Energy. 
Web Site Logo - Graphic Design - Care & Hospital 1998. 
Web Site Textile Design - Soft Furnishings - Tall Charlie, Broadway, Montmartre. 
Web Site Graphic Design - Color Scheme - Bang & Olufsen, Denmark. 
Web Site Gable Painting - Gorms in Vejle - Puls in Brande. 
Web Site Huge Metallic Sculpture - By Motor way No. E45. 
Web Site Collage - A Graphic Interpretation of a Landmark - Hedensted. 
Web Site Painting - Acrylic on Canvas - The American Indian - Size 201 x 139 cm. 
Web Site Decoration - 12 Floral Motifs - For St. Mary Hospice. 
Web Site Travel as Inspiration - Motifs from all over the World. 
 What am I offering right now? - exhibitions, my specialty, writings etc.
Web Site Exhibition I -  "These Days"  - Projects right now.  
Exhibition II -  "Happy Days" - Paintings.  
Exhibition III - "Sad Days" - Paintings.  
Exhibition IV - "American Days" - Paintings,  
Exhibition V -, the world's largest gateway to art.  
Where a jury on 5th of January 2002 appointed me "Premiere Portfolio" - there are 215  "Premiere Portfolios" world wide. 
Web Site e-shop - selling posters, silk-screen prints etc. 
Web Site 12 SIGNS - Children's Safety in Traffic - In12 Languages. 
My specialty - a unique motif inspired by your company, city etc.
Web Site A motif, which is yours alone, inspired by your company, city etc.   
Printed in limited edition. I will number and sign the prints.  
It is the gift to present if you want to be suitably anonymous   
and yet completely sure of being seen and remembered. 
Web Site I like  writing - I am good at it says  the old editor - poems, articles, children's books, texts for booklets etc.  
Refugee's Sculpture e-book.  
See the world wide network of writers -  
See resume - 
Idea Development.
Web Site Idea Development. - Idea Liberation - What is that?  
See too. 
Web Site News I:  Asbjorn Lonvig launches five exhibitions on the Internet celebrating his appointment to premiere portfolio at, the world's largest gateway to art resources.  
In English.  
In Danish.  
News II: Red Cross refugee's huge sculpture is exhibited  28th January to 1st February 2002 in the arts center "Underværket" in Randers, Denmark.  
Opening hours: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. In English. In Danish.  

Written about this project:  
a) Article by journalist Jette Nørby Andersen, Red Cross Denmark's press bureau.  
b) Article in 28th January  2002.  

Diplomatic Missions. 
Use of Danish Diplomatic Missions.  
Fundraising and other non-profit activities - examples - St. Mary Hospice, Red Cross, "Bridging the World Foundation" etc.   

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Asbjorn Lonvig, artist
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On Tuesday 12th February 2002
"Lille Fejringhus"
Asbjorn Lonvig